Vehicle Wraps

Car Wraps

Would you’d like to get maximum exposure of your brand? Let us help you out! When it comes to vehicle and marine signage we’re sure we’ve got what it takes to make your message really stand out. Please note we only offer vehicle wrapping on commercial vehicles and advise the best options when it comes to wrapping your vehicle to suit the conditions in Queensland.

Even if you aren’t sure what would work for you, our car wrap designer can suggest a bunch of options. Because we love doing car wrap work and seeing our clients drive away happy, we will work with you to get the best outcome!

Car wraps are highly visual methods of advertising and very popular here on the Sunshine Coast. They reinforce brands and business names while making your business vehicles instantly recognisable.

Boat Signage, Wraps & Decals

Commercial boats need signage that makes them stand out from all of the other boats docked near your birth. It can be the difference between chartering your boat out to customers, or your competitors winning their business.

Boat signage is also one of the great finishing touches for private boating enthusiasts. From registration decals all the way up to customising the look of your boat with a wrap, we will help your marine craft be the envy of other boat owners.

Nothing makes a boat stand out more than a wrap or custom designed boat signage. Whether for a personal or commercial marine vehicle, signage designed specifically for your craft will add a serious wow factor.

Bus Signage

Bus signage is a high visibility advertising medium. There are a number of phases within marketing strategy that are suited to bus signage and so getting your message right is important.

Everything from minibus’ right up to the public and private passenger vehicles can be catered for by the Sunny Coast Signs & Wraps Team.

Truck Signage

Turn your truck signage into your best advertising tool. Get maximum exposure for your brand. Let us give your truck a look that people just can’t ignore. When it comes to truck signage, we can make your message really stand out.

Truck and Commercial Vehicles of All Shapes & Sizes
As you can see, the size and shape of trucks do not inhibit creativity or the range of solutions we can provide. Trucks are essentially rolling billboards. So, you need to ask yourself: are you reaping the full benefit from your truck(s)?

We can design truck signs for you, keeping your colours and branding preserved while capturing attention.