Business Signage

Wall Wraps

Transform a space into something special with a custom wall covering to suit your office or private residence. You are pretty much limited by your imagination with our vivid wall wrapping. Fantastic for reception areas, board rooms, show rooms or even kids bedrooms.

Shopfront Signage

Sunny Coast Signs and Wraps takes the time to evaluate your building and its location before coming up with a number of concepts that work for you, so together we can create the exact look and design you’re aiming for.

Shopfront Signs That Reinforce Trust

Does your current shopfront signage reinforce the trust of potential customers, or does it undermine you? Getting it right matters.

For many retail businesses, the shopfront is the first thing people see when they consider dealing with you. Your signage can make all the difference. Don’t let customers slip by.

Talk to us if you are anywhere near the Sunshine Coast and need professional signs made for your shopfront.

Whether your business needs a face-lift or a full-blown make-over, we’re confident we can provide the perfect solution to make your shopfront turn heads.

Window Graphics & Decals

Are You Using Your Window Space Effectively?

The windows on your premises can be one of the most visual marketing tools in your arsenal. You may choose to reinforce your brand, promote products and services or simply refresh the look of your premises with an impressive design.

We can suggest ideas for you if you aren’t sure or need inspiration. Keep in mind that your window graphics can be as simple as window stickers, all the way up to one way vision signs.

Window graphics can be used to create all sorts of effects for stores and other business types. A professional finish and alluring design are often enough to take business away from your competitors.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are an ideal option if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to advertise your business. You may also know them as sidewalk signs.

These frames are perfect for grabbing people’s attention. As people pass by on the street A-frame signs encourage them into your shop or office space.

A-Frame Boards Let Customers Know You Are Open

We recommend placing your A-Frame advertising boards in the same place every day. Customers become familiar with your sign and see it as an indication that you are open.
A-frame signs are fine in even the most miserable weather and it would take significant wind strength to knock them over.

When you are considering the design for your A-frame boards, it is important to match the style of your other shopfront signage for consistency.

Once you have ceased trading for the day, take your A-Frame sign away. But be sure to place it outside again as soon as you open up!

A-frames are made for portability so that you can place them anywhere permitted by local councils. Closed for the day? No problem, store them away with ease after hours.


Banners Are a Good Low-cost Option

Banners are an ideal option if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to advertise your business.

The fact that banners are made for portability and practicality means that you can place them anywhere, anytime with no fuss and, even better, store them away with ease after hours.

If you’re holding a conference, function or event and looking for a smart, portable and cost-effective solution, we offer a range of banners to suit any occasion.

Foyer, Lobby & Office Signage

Foyer signage will easily enhance the look of your business and will add a touch of professionalism and authenticity to your workplace.

What Does Your Office Say About You?

When your clients or customers visit your office space, what impression do you think they have?

Do you look established and professional, or cheap and perhaps on your way out?

Reinforce your business name and brand with office signage. From the moment clients enter your foyer or lobby, right through to your meeting rooms and customer service areas, you need to be impressive.

The foyer/lobby is the face of your business. Give your office space an identity and have your clients and customers recognise your brand as soon as they walk in the door.

Illuminated Signage

Backlighting for the Win!

Illuminated signs work by having a backlighting source. This helps increase contrast while emitting light. Together this is a very attention-grabbing combination for humans.

Whether indoors or out, illuminated signs are an excellent choice, especially where passing trade is important to your business.

Illuminated signs look amazing, especially at night where the contrast is fully appreciated. Even during daylight hours, they are eye-catching.

Labels & Stickers

If you’re looking to find high-quality stickers and labels, you’ve come to the right place!

We provide a massive range of options of all shapes and sizes for both business and personal use. Got an idea in mind but can’t seem to put it on paper? No worries – we can customise and design any request you may have until we get it just right.

Go glossy or try out our matt stickers – whatever your preference, we’ll make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the end result.

Logo Design

Do you need your new business or brand to stand out from the crowd. Our in house design team can help take your ideas to the next level.